Dirty Pop


December 6th: Club Papi Afterhours - Mickys, West Hollywood CA

December 13th: Dirty Pop SD - Rich's, San Diego CA

December 20th: Dirty Pop Long Beach - Mary's Long Beach CA

December 21st: Dirty Pop LA - Mickys , West Hollywood CA

December 28th: Legacy- Boston, MA

December 31st: NYE - The Eagle, Dallas TX

January 3rd: Dirty Pop Mashups - The Saloon, Minneapolis, MN

January 4th: Dirty Pop Circuit- The Saloon, Minneapoli, MN

January 11th: Dirty Pop Dallas, The Eagle, Dallas, TX

January 17th: Dirty Pop SD - Rich's, San Diego, CA

February 1st: Dirty Pop Dallas - The Eagle, Dallas TX

February 21st: Dirty Pop SD, Rich's , San Diego, CA

February 27th: Jock- The Underwear Party, Sydney Australia

March 1st: Day Woosh - Sydney, Australia

March 1st: Afterhours - Barcode - Sydney, Australia

March 2nd: Kiki - Sydney, Australia

March 7th: Wellington Pride - Wellington, New Zealand

 May 21st: Pensacola Pride Pool Party, Pensacola FL